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Helping You Stay at Home Throughout 07 May

Clients with Complex Needs

Helping You Stay at Home Throughout

Caring for Physically Disabled Clients

Our team was contacted by a family who had a severely disabled son of 34 who was working from home and able to make his own decisions about his life, but required extensive help throughout the day for personal care, toileting, getting in and out of bed, etc. 

Our Carers are Trained and Updated to Meet Complex Needs

The home had an extension which was adapted for his personal needs with a ceiling hoist, tracking through from bedroom to bathroom and thence to the lounge, so that he could lead a relatively normal life.  He enjoyed using a computer and his home entertainment systems during the day and was able to work part time on the internet, but required a number of visiting carers throughout the day so that he could remain independent. 

Visits Can Be Frequent as Required

It was decided that visits four times per day would suffice for the client, with carers entering the building with a key coded lock without disturbing the rest of the family. 

Our teams of two would assist the client four times per day to the toilet, and wash and dress him every morning and evening, having been trained to deal with the hoist in a safe manner.  Our carers also dealt with any personal laundry needs and heating a hot meal if required and then washing up and leaving the client’s room as he wanted.

Person Centred Care 

It was very important to involve the client at every stage and discuss his needs personally and also with the family.  Frequent meetings with both client and the family were held to ensure that his personal requirements were being met.  The client is thus able to continue an independent lifestyle as far as his disabilities allow, and his family are able to continue with their lives with the comfort of knowing that they are staying together despite his complex needs.