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Thinking Outside The Box

There are lots of little things which people find difficult as they get older that don’t really come under the heading of ’care’.

Sometimes the simplest of things!  You could ask your relatives what they find difficult, and we can meet that need.

Getting a little help at the right time can really make a difference to a lonely person who’s caring for a relative at home. Have you been dying to get out? 
Mental health does suffer if you’re indoors 24/7 with few breaks and it can seem as if the carer’s life is also on ’hold’ because of their responsibilities. 
We can find you a kindly and reliable carer to house sit and keep an eye on your vulnerable partner or relative, so you can get out to a coffee morning, have a hassle-free shopping trip, meet friends or enjoy some valuable ’me’ time.  If this is you, and life seems to have grown smaller, why not call us to help widen your horizons again? 
If you’re worried about your mum, dad, or someone independently living at home alone, managing ’just ok’ generally but having a struggle getting some things done, have you thought about having a carer pop in to do a few jobs for them occasionally or once or twice a week?  A hand with making the beds is often useful, putting the bins out perhaps, or walking the dog. 

Just a hand with the weekly shop, some hoovering or cleaning the bathroom properly and making sure the kitchen is clean, can be a great help and give you peace of mind.  Our carers can be arranged to fit in with your needs, however small or large.  A regular visitor is also an extra safeguard in case of any problems. 

We’re happy to provide a friendly person to help people who need a little help at home.  Our services are not just for people who have severe medical issues or physical needs.

Call us to discuss how we can help you, because Homescare Ltd likes to think outside the box of the word ‘CARE AT HOME’……. We are here to help!