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Time to Care 19 Apr

Time to Care

Time to Care

When it is Time for Care

When people ask us what home care really means, we explain it like this:  obviously, the amount of home care required varies from person to person but we strive to give to each person according to their needs, but in a way that they are encouraged to keep living independently for as long as possible.

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We Help You Maintain Your Dignity at Home

It can be difficult when family and friends are not always nearby, or have time to make regular visits when clients want to stay at home where they feel safe and secure, with all the home comforts, then we ensure they can.  We aim to provide that extra pair of hands, a caring companion, to keep clients safe and happy in their own home and someone to talk to, who is chosen not just for professional skills, but to be a good personality match for the client. 

Your Own Space is Still Your Castle

Some people need care, but also like their own space!  So we respect every person’s choices about what they need in their own home; we are there to ensure your personal safety and comfort but you are able to make your own decisions and have control of your care package at all times with a regular review with our care management team. 

Tailored Care Services

We can offer a number of packages of care which can have many elements, or just a few.  So meals on wheels, advice on monitored personal alarm systems and help with the household chores can be included.  If you are getting confused or worried about taking your prescription then we can help you take the right medication at the right times.  This is particularly useful for clients with failing eyesight or difficulties with opening pill dispensers, even boiling a kettle or changing the bed can be problematic.  Our carers can help you do all the little things that you have been finding difficult.

Contact Us to Discuss Your Care Needs

If you are worried that your loved ones are not coping well, an offer of weekly, or daily visits to pop a hot meal in the oven or ensure that the laundry is done can discreetly reassure you that everything is ok, and that they are eating and looking after themselves. 

Please speak to our team about home care services to suit - our team is skilled at suggesting creative ways to help even reluctant clients see that a friendly face can make all the difference to their lives, and enable them to live longer at home, in the way that they want to.